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With extensive experience and achievements in designing the medical facilities, ready to take on challenges in all sphere.

K.ITO Architects & Engineers Inc. is a comprehensive architectural services office utilizing its accumulation of know-how gained by experience and achievements in designing many medical facilities, domestic as well overseas, and by research focusing on design and supervision of construction in all fields, diagnosis, planning, and consulting services. Since its founding in 1952, through the overlaying of continuous study, we have continued to propose ideas suited to human nature and functionality with a perspective for the future, while building a relationship of trust with people involved in the project. Not only limited to medical facilities, we have experience designing and planning in many areas such as education and culture, research, social welfare, industrial, and residential. We furthermore have experience beyond architectural planning, including large-scale urban and regional development. We will strive to provide high-value services for all themes of projects that involve building and the environment.

Planning and Programing

As a consultant certified by the Japan Association of Healthcare Management Consultants, we are able to provide advice for medical and welfare services from both the programming and construction perspectives. In addition, we can provide a wide range of consulting services which include PFI feasibility studies and advisory services, and overseas projects.
Development and Planning
For planning of large-scale facilities which are the core of urban development and environmental improvement, we create living spaces that integrate medical facilities, care facilities and housing, and commercial; furthermore we propose development of health facilities that combine medical facilities and resorts, and in a timely manner we propose solutions that suit the needs of our diverse society.
Research, Diagnosis and Renovation Planning
We professionally investigate and diagnose the condition of existing facilities, including seismic diagnosis and equipment degradation study. In addition, in order to economically prolong use of an existing facility for as long possible, based on these data we propose retrofitting design, equipment replacement design, and energy conservation solutions.


Architectural Planning and designing
The project leader is First Class Registered Architect, capable to take the responsibility of the project. We listen to the requests of our clients with an understanding from multiple perspectives such as economy, functionality and design. We consistently create beautiful spaces and pursue excellence in design.
Structural Designing
With the next major earthquake imminent, we utilize base isolation structure and seismic structure solutions in order to propose safe and secure facilities such as disaster prevention equipped hospitals. In addition, we are also working actively utilizing precast concrete panel systems to shorten the construction period, reduce waste and achieve construction cost savings.
Facility Designing
Our engineers who specialize in fields such as air conditioning, sanitation, electricity, and communication plan the overall optimal facility design that addresses the environmental issues that are an important challenge of the 21st century as well as utilizes rapidly developing information technology. Our CASBEE evaluation certified members can conduct environmental performance evaluations.


Architectural designing Supervision and Construction Supervision
The technicians of our quality control department utilize our company's design and supervision checklist, a culmination of technology processes encompassing more than 1000 items, and thereby ensure reliable quality through strict supervision. We especially consider safely when conducting construction at an operating hospital facility.